The Lion Falling On The Trap


There lived a fierce lion in a very large forest. All the animals feared him. Instead of living like that, they sought a solution. They thought thoroughly and elected a committee to go to the lion: Oh the Shah of the forests lion, every day, you hunt one of us and eat. We don’t have a say on that. But why bother for all this hassle? You sit on your throne. We will send you one of us every day, thus you can eat comfortably. And so we spend our lives in peace.

The lion liked these words and he agreed. From that time on, every norming an animal was getting delivered to the lion. One day, it was the rabbit’s turn.

The animals said “Oh what can we do?… It is our faith! For the good of most of us, one of us has to die. Come on, start moving soon so that we do not anger the lion,” however, the rabbit did not care and dawdled. The animals were anxious. After begging and crying outs, they had the rabbit go. The rabbit, freeheartedly bouncing and playing arrived at the lion’s but the time was late.

The lion who was hungry and furious:
“Where have you been? Why are you so late?”

The rabbit wiped his neck with a fake hustle and bustle:
“Oh, my Lord! I have not failed to show respect. I left early in the morning, but another lion cut my way. You wouldn’t imagine how hard it was to escape from him.”

The lion was full of fury.
“Who is this insolent? Only my rules are valid in this forest. Tell me now, who is he?”

The rabbit was pleased with the situation and continued to praise the other lion.  That another one was being praised broke the lion’s pride, and, he couldn’t stand anymore:

“Come with me and show me this villain!”
shouted the lion.

They hit the road. The rabbit led the lion in front of a well.
“There he is my sultan, inside the well… Look how settled he sits.”

The witless lion stood at the edge of the well, and saw his own reflection in the water below. He thought it to be the lion who had challenged him. He roared at his reflection with all his might and fury. The roar sounded back, re-echoed from the well.

The rabbit used this opportunity and said
“See my lord, how he is challenging you?”

The lion lost his mind with fury,

“There cannot be two sultans for one place. I must split him into pieces” he said and jumped into the well.

The rabbit bounced and played over the greenest meadows on the way back and heralded salvation.

Oh, humankind! You are the prisoner lion at the bottom of this well like world who jumped into it with gluttony and greed.

Subjugate yourself and roam free like the rabbit.

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