The Biggest Treasure


Once Upon a time, there used to live a widow in the Persian land. When this woman felt that she would die, she called her only son and told him “Listen carefully, my son! We were poor and had a troubled life. My time is about to over, but I’m leaving you a book. If you apply what written in this book, you will be very rich.”
After his mother passed away, he started to read the book. At the beginning of the book, “Read the book without skipping the page to reach the treasure. If you skip even a page, you won’t be able to access the treasure.” was writing.

The young man continued to read the book. After a while, he encountered Arabic texts. Scared of others finding out this secret and having the treasure before he does, he opted out from having them translated and started learning Arabic. Eventually, he reached the level where he could read a text in Arabic perfect and then resumed reading the book in Arabic.

But after a while, the book started to continue in Chinese and then also with other languages. The young man, keeping in his mind his mother’s advice and what written at the beginning of the book learned all these languages with patience and determination and continued reading and understanding the book. After a while, he became one of the capital’s best interpreters.

The next pages of the book had instructions on how to manage the treasure. This time the young man learned economics and trade. He also learned to value his precious things in order not to consume and defrauded after taking over the treasure.

The young man became well-known as one who speaks many languages and understands finances. This fame has reached the Sultana. The Sultan appointed him to an important mission in his palace. In the meantime, the man who continued to read the book began to encounter more technical information and continued to learn important issues in urbanism and planning such as how to remove large stone during the opening of large stone doors, how to fill the meandering roads in order to straighten them during the construction of roads. At last, the Sultan, who appreciated his culture and knowledge very much, appointed him his deputy and the architect of the palace. Then he, after all, was promoted the viziership.

The young man, who continued to read the book throughout this adventure, reached at the end of the book. The day he will read the last page was the day he will also marry the sultan’s daughter. The young man opened the last page to finish the book and he read this last sentence:

“The biggest and most real treasure is to know.”

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