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One day, I jumped into a taxi to go to the airport. While we were moving on the right lane, a black car pulled out of a parking spot in front of us all of a sudden. The taxi driver hit the brakes, taxi swayed from side to side and could barely prevent hitting the other car with only millimetres. The other driver leaned out his car window and started to shout at us. But the taxi driver just smiled and waved at him! So, he was really posed a calm and friendly attitude. I couldn’t resist and asked, “Why did you do that? That guy was almost hitting your car and put us into the hospital!” And this taxi driver later taught me what I call the “Garbage Truck Act”.

The explanation was: “ Most of the people are like garbage trucks. They wander around full of garbage up to their heads; frustration, anger and disappointments flows all over. When the garbage they carry piles up, they look for a place to dispose and sometimes they dispose this over you. NEVER take it personally. Smile calmly, wave at them, send your good wishes and carry on your life routine. Don’t take over their garbage onto yourself and don’t be end up disposing it to other people at your work place, home or street.

Bottom line is, successful people wouldn’t let their days to be hold of by other people’s garbage trucks. Life is too short to start a day with regrets, so, “Love people who treats you right. For those who do not, just pray.”

As in another rightful idiom: “One-tenth of your life is about what you have done, and the rest is how you react to what others have done!

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