Your Own Perceptions


The king fell in love with Sabrina who is in low social standing and non-noble. He made her his last wife.

One day, when the king was out hunting, a messenger arrived and told her that Sabrina’s mother was sick. Despite the fact that use of the king’s personal horse-drawn carriage was forbidden and she would pay the price with her life, Sabrina went to her mother as she climbed in the carriage.

The king was informed of the situation when he returned to the palace.

“Isn’t it gorgeous?” said, “This is a true family love! She didn’t even care about that she was risking her life in order to look after his mother! That’s splendid!

Another day, while Sabrina was sitting in the garden of the palace eating fruit, the king appeared. After she saluted him, she took a bite of the last remaining melon in her basket.

“They look good!” said the king.
“They are!” replied the queen and surrendered the last melon to her husband.

“How she loves me!” commented the King later. “She renounced her own pleasure by giving me the last remaining melon in her basket. Isn’t that wonderful?”

A few years went by, and as you can imagine, the love and passion the king had once felt, flew away from his heart.

Sitting with his closest friend, he said, “She never truly acted like a queen. Did she not defy my order not to use my carriage? And what’s more, I recall one time she gave me a piece of fruit that she’d already taken a bite out of”

Reality stays the same always. It is what it is. Nevertheless, just like in this tale, man can interpret a situation in one way, or entirely the opposite.

 “When it comes to your own perceptions, be careful,” said Baldwin the Wise.

If the reality you see is the one that benefits you then don’t believe your eyes.

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