A workplace is looking for an employee. They put up an ad in the windows of the office on the ground floor of the building. “Looking for an employee: We are looking for an employee that can write typewriters and use computers and know a language other than their native language. Please do not hesitate to apply for: We have equal opportunities for all of us.”

A dog that sees the ad enter through the opening door watching for someone going out. When the lady in the reception comes up to take the dog out, the dog goes under the ad and shakes his head, making a slight noise in the sense of “I want it.” The receptionist, who understands that the dog wants to apply for work, takes the dog to the human resources manager’s room after her astonishment has passed. The dog enters and sits leaping into the guest chair in the manager room. As if he wants to tell the manager that he has come to apply for the job, he points to ad in the glass with his head.

The manager swallows his tongue almost in amazement. In a sympathetic tone: “You look great, but we can’t hire you. We need an employee who can use typewriters.” he says.

The dog jumps from the chair to the typewriter on the table there and by writing a fool-proof job application brings it to the manager. The manager is surprised, but pull himself together and says his second excuse: “Yes, but we’re also looking for someone who can use good computers.”

The dog jumps from the chair, opens the computer on the table, connects to the internet, enters the data bank of the competitor’s database, downloads the important data files to the computer and prints them. Then he sits down again. The manager is amazed that a dog can do these things. This time he produces an excuse “Yes, I see that you are very clever and very talented, however you are a dog.”

The dog jumps down again and goes to the bottom of the job announcement and points the expression “Don’t hesitate to apply: our institution has equal opportunities for all.” with his front paw.

The manager plays his ace in the hole and he says: “Yes, but the announcement states that the applicant must know another language besides the mother tongue.”

The dog is calmly returning to the manager and the answer is: “Miyavvv …”

Decide your competence yourself before others. In the face of someone who is self-educated, there is a point where excuses will be exhausted.

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