Better Oneself


Two lumberjacks cut down trees.

The first man woke up early in the morning and started cutting down the trees and skipped to the next one while one was falling to the ground. He never had a rest or give himself a lunch break. He stopped working a few hours after his fellow lumberjack did.

The second man gave breaks sometimes and returned to his home when it was getting dark. For one week, they worked like this and then started counting the number of trees they cut down to see that the second lumberjack cut more trees.

The first man got furious: “How can this happen? I did work harder. I started my job earlier and finished later. But, you cut more trees. What is the secret of this?”

The second man answered with a smile on his face: “There is no secret. While you were working unbaiting, I was occasionally resting and sharpening my axe. More trees can be cut down with less effort with a sharpened axe.”

Improving ourselves is sharpening our axes.

It is taking our time to reflect on our life from an objective perspective.

It is spending effort to improve our sides that we find weak.

This is an absolute necessity to strengthen our mind, soul and character.

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