Once upon a time, there were two bird hunters. They went out to the mountains and spread their nets. The next day when they came, their nets were full of pigeons. The poor pigeons were struggling to escape, but the holes in the net were too small.

Hunters decided to feed pigeons to sell in the market. They began to feed them with water and grains. The pigeons started to eat and drink with all their powers. The pigeons were putting on weight. Only one of them was constantly losing weight and trying to get out of the network. This lasted until the day the hunters took the pigeons to the market. The pigeon, who didn’t eat anything, got so weak that he managed to pass through the net’s gap with last-ditch effort and flew away. He was free now.

Freedom belongs to those who pay price.

Nikos Kazancakis (Yeniden Çarmıha Geriliş)

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